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      Written by David Eagan - Founder at VitaminPup.com | Advertisement

      Andre - Chief Dog Officer at VitaminPup.com


      Any dog lover that has had to say goodbye to an aging pet knows the agony of watching them age. Most pets don’t age very gracefully. It’s a tough decision to make when it comes time to say goodbye. You don’t want to let them go, but you don’t want them to suffer.

       Humans tend to age more gracefully, when they take care of themselves. Ever wonder why? It’s because of proper nutrition and exercise to keep them moving. As people turn into older adults, keeping joints and bones strong as well as eating nutritious meals to keep immunity up seems to be the key in slowing down the aging process.

       Dogs sadly don’t live as long as people, but dog owners can now do something to help prolong the health and longevity of their pets. It’s so simple too that you can start today, no matter how big or small your dog is or even if they’re already showing signs of slowdown.

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       Signs of Aging in Dogs

      How do you know your dog is slowing down and feeling the aging process? Things to look for include if your dog has difficulty getting up from sitting or laying down, climbing up the stairs or going down them, whimpering in pain when there has been no noticeable trauma, and a general lack of motivation.

       If your fur-kid hasn’t been as active as before, it’s time to take action before it’s too late and help them delay the signs of aging and get them back on their feet again!

       Discover One New Trick for Your Old Dog Right Now!

      Whether your dog is out of puppyhood or you just want to ensure that he stays healthy and strong for years to come, there is something you can do to potentially prolong his life. However, many dog owners worry about what they give to their pets, demanding full transparency into the ingredients that are used.

       Rightfully so, for dogs are merely four-legged, furrier children. They help make the family complete and their health should never be compromised. When dog lovers came together to do something about it, they designed a special daily multivitamin and mineral supplement that would boost immunity and strengthen dogs safely so that they could age with grace.

       VitaminPup is designed exclusively for dogs and has become in high demand for dog owners across the country. As dog lovers themselves, the creators had their special vitamin formulation thoroughly and independently tested for purity and effectiveness. The results made it an instant sensation with vets who regularly recommend VitaminPup to dog owners as a safe, effective supplement to boost overall dog health for more of those glorious dog days.

       What VitaminPup Does

      This multivitamin and mineral supplement for your dog features a blend of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants intended to help supplement any nutrition your pet might be missing from their food. Among them, it uses CoQ10, lycopene, quercetin, zeaxanthin, and lutein to help delay aging inside and out. Joints and bones stay healthy and strong with amino acids that also help keep that coat growing beautifully with a gorgeous luster and shine.

       VitaminPup is also an accessible choice for dog owners because unlike other brands, there’s no trying to determine if you’re buying the right one for your dog. It’s formulated for all dogs of all sizes, period. Perhaps the best feature of all though is that dogs just love the chewy tablets that taste like treats. Flavored with maple bacon flavor and beef liver powder, dogs won’t turn up their noses.

       Limited Time Offer – 20% Off!

      Now you can help your pet improve their strength and immunity and save money doing it. VitaminPup is being offered for 20% off its original price, only for a limited time. Vets recommend it for keeping your dog healthy for years to come. Imagine getting to enjoy more time with your pet living a healthy life, and imagine how much more you’ll save on vet bills when you can keep your dog healthy and thriving.

       If you’re still not sure about this vet-recommended vitamin designed from superior quality ingredients for your dog, you should know that VitaminPup offers a 100% no-hassle money-back guarantee. VitaminPup at 20% off won’t last long. Get yours today!